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Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a systematic recording and assessment of all factors in the work process in order to determine the possible causes of work-related injuries, illnesses related to work and to determine the possibilities, i.e. ways to prevent, eliminate or reduce risks.

The Law on Occupational Health and Safety, Article 17 ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro", no. 34/14 and 44/18) and the Ordinance on the manner and procedure of workplace risk assessment, "Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro", no. 43/07), oblige employers and give them guidelines to perform risk assessment at workplaces and in the work environment, with the aim of drafting an Act on risk assessment.

In order to achieve an objective and relevant risk assessment, employers often rely on answering four key questions:

  1. What hazards are present in the workplace?
    Danger recognition is imposed as an answer to this question.
  2. Which health damage can result from the identified hazard?
    The answer to this question determines the type of injury, occupational and work-related diseases, their severity and the consequence on the working ability of employees.
  3. What is the probability that the danger will cause an injury at work, an occupational disease or an illness related to work?
    The answer to this question stems from knowledge of the work procedure, the intensity of hazards and harms, the duration of exposure and the application of occupational safety and health measures.
  4. What is the degree of risk of health damage?
    By combining the type and severity of the damage to health and the likelihood that the damage will occur, the degree of risk of damage to health is obtained.

When finished, the act on risk assessment as a document contains a description of the work process with the assessment of the risk of injuries or health damage in the workplace, it proposes measures to eliminate or reduce risks in order to improve safety and health at work.
The expert team of the Institute SIGURNOST will provide you a very expeditious service of drafting the Act on Risk Assessment in the legal framework by using the latest methods.
It is important to note that every legal entity that already has a Risk Assessment Act is obliged to make a partial or complete change when protection measures are not appropriate, in case of reconstruction and reorganization of the work process, in case of severe and fatal injuries at work, in case of change and expansion activities, when directed by the labor inspector and in case of changes in regulations.
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