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History of the Institute


Institute SIGURNOST, based in Podgorica, is a reputable company with decades long experience, whose business success strategy is based on a comprehensive program of services in the field of occupational health and safety, as well as fire and environmental protection.

In addition to a highly educated team of experts in various fields, we also offer a futuristic facility with an accredited testing laboratory.

The Institute provides a wide range of services, having the latest equipment, knowledge and authority of the amenable ministries, which most certainty places us in one of the most reliable companies on the market.

The following are key and the most necessary:

  • Republic of Montenegro decree on Labor and Social Welfare;
  • Republic of Montenegro decree on Sustainable Development and Tourism;
  • Republic of Montenegro decree on Economy.

With the aim of continuous quality assurance and improvements of services to clients, we have signed numerous contracts on business and technical cooperation with credible domestic and regional partners, among which we would emphasize contracts with:

  • Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, Belgrade;
  • Electrical engineering Institute Nicola Tesla AD, Belgrade;
  • Institute May 1st, Niš;
  • Faculty of Occupational Safety, Niš;
  • Ju Center for Ecotoxicological Testing of Montenegro, Podgorica.

The vision of our mission and success is to keep your safety first.



City kvart,
81000 Podgorica

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Phone: +382 (0) 20 625 134
Mobile: +382 (0) 69 055 242


Working hours

Monday - Friday: 7AM - 3PM